All our fabrics are sustainable for a clean environment and are manufactured with OEKO-TEX 100 certification.
Our Reactive Digital Printing offers truly amazing prints on natural fabrics. Pike Spgprints digital textile printer & MS JPS EVO digital printers are used

Not only with a huge spectrum of colors using reactive inks, from deep, rich blacks to pinks and yellows that seemingly jump off the fabric, but the prints are highly permanent and can be washed over and over again without fading. Digital reactive printed fabrics can withstand the Martindale rub test as the colors migrate into the fibers of the fabric.

We offer custom digital reactive printed fabrics, to give you some examples of our fabrics, you can request:

Translucent, romantic and joyful, Voiles are our collective guilty pleasure. A seemingly weightless curtain, dancing ethereally in the wind from an open window, shimmering softly whether the sun is out or not, embodies everything we love about fabrics.
Instead of obscuring natural light, our Voiles take the rays of sunny days and transform them into an even magical glow. While maintaining privacy, you can watch the daylight change through the lens of the fabric and marvel at the intimacy your home gains, bathed in soft light.

Drapery VOILE Fabric, this lightweight medium is getting out of control, out of control with genius that is! Inspiring an undulating curtain, this sheer beauty displays a wavering perspective that resembles topographical views. Resistant to stretching and fading in the sun, its crisp feel will last over time. Smooth without being slippery and expressing shine without being shiny, the benefits of this raw material are yet to be determined, but is that really true? Yeah! With a soft texture and wrinkle-resistant composition, it is VOILE chiffon, so it offers elegance to any (and all) rooms. Turn a house into a home by welcoming interior spaces with countless curtain applications, ranging from humble to elaborate, incorporating layered styles or doubling up for opacity. For a regal look, consider framing VOILE voile with heavier drapery textiles.

Veils are soul friendly and a wonderful addition to almost any space. In your bedroom, a voile creates the most luxurious feel when paired with one of our heavier curtains, such as a satin. In the kitchen, a Voile makes you feel like you are cooking in rustic French landscapes. And, in your living room, a Voile sets the stage for the most extravagant dinner parties, elevating the elegance of the dark. Composition: Voile 70% Cotton 30% Silk, Chiffon 55% Pes 45% Recycled Pes or Habotai 70% Cotton 30% Silk.

Silk fabrics are iridescent like the mother-of-pearl of a seashell and come to life when touched by light. Through its twists and turns, its materiality casts vibrant and surprising colors, which intensify when covered and soften when spread over a window landscape.
With Silks in your life, you make a statement of vibrant joy and inner curiosity, qualities we love.
Silk is a bold, daring fabric and lives its best life in spaces where it can receive the attention it deserves. In a dining room, Silk reflects candlelight and becomes the perfect backdrop for interesting conversations. Next to the open balcony doors, a silk fabric dances expressively in the wind. And in the bedroom, a silk fabric compensates for privacy by creating muffled silhouettes that in their expression imitate the shadow plays of ancient Egyptian chambers. Composition: 100%Silk in the form of  Dupioni and Satin. In addition 30% Silk 70% Linen

Incorporating the shiny materiality of Satin and the elegant weight of royal textiles, Saten is a most glamorous curtain. Still emulating emotional sensitivity, Satin nods to the vibrant disco scene of the '70s and adds a playful feel to any space.
By matching the colors of your ceilings, walls or floors, Satin fabrics tastefully connect surfaces and successfully integrate calm glamor into the context of your home.

While capable of expressing a variety of emotions in every context, Satin remains the life of the party. Quiet and discreet during the day, it becomes vibrant and energetic at night, reflecting the lights of the candles and the rays of your chandelier. When used in a dining room, satin fabrics are reminiscent of an upscale restaurant. In the children's room, the feeling of playful curiosity and comfort increases. And hanging behind the sofa, it quietly invites you to take a much-needed break. Composition: Satin 100% Cotton, Satin 97% Cotton / 3% Elastane.

Raw and natural, our woven linen has a lively expression that becomes more muted the further away you are, creating the perfect focal point for tired eyes.
With the integration of viscose in the light version, LINEN takes on added weight, resulting in a distinctive, structured and softly expressionistic look.

There is emotional sensitivity to LINEN, its masculine tone complemented by the ease with which it lets through small flashes of light. LINEN is a calming presence in all rooms, but is especially brilliant in a bedroom, calming your mind after a long day at work and greeting you kindly in the morning. Composition: 100% LINEN 270 gsm & 130 gsm & 85% Viscose 15% Linen 115 gsm

Wide width 110 inch fabrics for railroading, width for height and length for any size window span. This fabrics are in cotton and cotton linen mix with perfect drape. In addition with high Martindale rub test for upholstery use.


We want to be able to inspire others through extraordinary textile experiences. We believe that much of the potential that lies in textiles is their ability to be a catalyst for aesthetic and sensual experiences. Our mission is to share these textile experiences with the rest of the world.
By adapting each solution and each product to the needs of the environment, spaces can be created that immediately radiate an attractive atmosphere and ample comfort.
Therefore, our mission is to shape better spaces with textiles that create atmosphere.