Terms and conditions of purchase

This document contains the Conditions that regulate the purchase of our products and the contract that binds us both – You and us – (hereinafter the 'Conditions'). These Conditions establish the rights and obligations of all users (hereinafter 'You' / 'your') and those of Arte de la moda Printtex SL with CIF: B21573886 (hereinafter 'we' / 'our' / 'the Seller' ) in relation to the products we offer through our Online Store application (hereinafter jointly referred to as the 'Printtex Products'). We ask you to carefully read these Conditions and our Privacy Policy before using our Online Store application or authorizing any payment and placing the order. By using our Online Store application or placing an order through it, you agree to be bound by these Conditions and our Privacy Policy, so if you do not agree with all the Conditions and the Policy of Privacy, you should not make any request. These Conditions could be modified at any time by the Seller, without prior notice, so you must read them before placing each order in order to know the provisions in force.
If you have any questions related to these Purchase Conditions, you can contact us at the email address info@printtex.es

2. Our Data

The sale of items through this website is carried out by Arte de la modaPrinttex S.L., a Spanish company with address at Cl. Huelva, 61 – 21400-Ayamonte (Huelva), with CIF B21573886, telephone 959322654 and email info@printtex.es

3. Your Data

The information and personal data that you provide us about yourself will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Data Privacy Policies and Legal Notice. By using this website, you consent to the processing of said information and data and declare that all the information you provide us is true and corresponds to reality.

4. Use of our Online Store

These Conditions are the only conditions applicable to the use of our Online Store, and replace any other, unless expressly prior written consent of the Seller. These Conditions are important
both for you and for us since they have been designed to create a legally binding agreement between us protecting your rights as a customer and our rights as a company. You declare that, by placing your order, you have read and accept these Conditions without reservation.
You agree to:
You may only use the Online Store to make legally valid inquiries or orders. You may not place any speculative, false or fraudulent order. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that such an order has been made, we will be authorized to cancel it and inform the relevant authorities.
You are also obliged to provide us with your email address, postal address, telephone number and/or other contact information in a true and correct manner, and you are aware that we may use this information to contact you. if required.
If you do not provide us with all the information we need, we will not be able to process your order.
By placing an order through our Online Store, you guarantee that you are over 18 years of age and that you have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

5. Service availability

This information and details contained in our Online Store do not constitute an offer to sell, but rather an invitation to do business. No contract will exist between you and us in relation to any product until your order has been expressly accepted by us. If your offer is not accepted and a charge has already been made to your account, the amount will be refunded in full.
To place an order, you must follow the online purchasing procedure. After this, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your order (the 'Order Confirmation'). Please note that this does not mean that your order has been accepted, as it constitutes an offer that you make to us to purchase one or more products. All orders are subject to our acceptance and we will confirm such acceptance by sending you an email confirming that the product is being shipped (the 'Shipping Confirmation'). The contract for the purchase of a product between us (the 'Contract') will only be formed when we send you the Shipping Confirmation.
Only those products listed in the Shipping Confirmation will be the subject of the Contract. We will not be obliged to supply you with any other
product that may have been ordered until we confirm their shipment in a separate Shipping Confirmation.

6. Product availability

All product orders are subject to product availability and, in this sense, if there are difficulties in supplying all or part of it, or if there are no items left in stock, we reserve the right to inform you of delays or offer you quality substitutes. products. and value equal to or greater than what you can ask for. If you do not wish to order such substitute products, we will refund any partial amount you have paid.

7. Returns. Right to withdraw from the purchase.

All fabrics supplied are printed to order, where the colors and dimensions are specified in the images that you, the client, indicate. As is usual in the case of textiles, a dimension variation of plus or minus 5% must be accepted, as well as a normal color tolerance variation. We offer color printing samples for color acceptance before completing the printing order.
They have a return period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, no claim is accepted after this period. Only damaged, defective or incorrect products will be accepted, the product will be replaced, if this is not possible the amount paid will be refunded.
It is important that you notify us by email info@printtex.es before making the return.
It is very important that you return the exchange or return product(s) to us in perfect condition and in its original packaging. Products that are not in the same condition in which you received them will not be returned.
If products are damaged due to improper packaging, we will not accept returns.
Once we receive the merchandise in our warehouses and verify that all the previous conditions are met, the Seller will accept the return of the product and the amount will be paid to the same credit card with which the transaction was made. After examining the item, we will inform you by email, within a reasonable period of time, if you are entitled to a refund of the amounts paid.
You will receive the refund of the amount within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date on which the refund was requested. Please note that your bank may not show you the refund amount in your balance until the following month.
In the case of defective products or erroneous shipments, all return costs will be borne by the Seller, in any other case they will be borne by the Buyer. The refund will be made to the same payment method that was used to pay for the purchase.
This provision does not affect the rights recognized by the consumer under current legislation.

8. Delivery

Without prejudice to the provisions of Clause 5 above and unless extraordinary circumstances occur, we will attempt to ship the order for the products listed in the Shipping Confirmation within 4 to 6 weeks from the date of the Shipping Confirmation.
If for any reason we cannot meet the delivery date, we will inform you of this circumstance and give you the option to continue with the purchase by establishing a new delivery date or cancel the order with a full refund of the price paid.
For the purposes of these Conditions, it will be understood that 'delivery' has occurred or that the product(s) have been 'delivered' at the time of signing for receipt of the same at the agreed delivery address.
The Seller reserves the right to vary the type of shipment and the company by which it is made, as long as it does not entail obvious harm to the customer. In no case will shipments be made to post office boxes.

9. Impossibility of delivery

If it is impossible for us to make delivery after two attempts, we will try to find a safe place to leave the order. We will leave you a note explaining where your order is and how to pick it up. If you will not be at the delivery location at the agreed time, please contact us to arrange delivery on another day.

10. Transfer of risk and ownership

The risks of the Products will be borne by you from the moment of their delivery or at the time of delivery (as defined in clause 8), if this occurs at a later time.

11. Prices

The price of the products will be the one stipulated at all times in our Online Store, except for manifest errors. Although we try to ensure that all prices displayed in the app are correct, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of the products you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or canceling it. If we are unable to contact you, the order will be considered canceled and any amounts paid will be fully refunded.
We will not be obliged to supply the product to you at the incorrect lower price if the error in the price is obvious and unmistakable and you could reasonably have recognized it as an incorrect price. This includes attempts to place orders of less than 10 yards in a design and orders of less than 50 yards total in a quality, with our minimum order size being accepted, as clearly stated on our web store. We will refund this but will deduct 25% administration costs from the amount to be refunded with a minimum of $50 deducted to cover our administration costs.
The prices in our USA Online Store include shipping costs.
Prices may change at any time, but (except as set out above) any changes will not affect orders for which we have already sent you a Dispatch Confirmation.
Once you have made your purchases, all the items you wish to purchase will have been added to your basket and the next step will be to process the order and make payment. To do this, you must follow the steps of the purchasing process, completing or verifying the information requested at each step. Likewise, during the purchase process, before making payment, you can modify the details of your order.

12. Payments

We guarantee that each of the transactions made with the Seller is 100% secure.
All operations involving the transmission of personal or banking data are carried out using a secure environment. The Seller uses a server based on standard SSL (Secure Socked Layer) security technology. All information you transmit to us travels encrypted over the network.
Likewise, your credit card information is not recorded in any database but goes directly to PayPal.
When paying with a VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS card, the following information will always be requested: the card number, the expiration date, plus guarantees about the security of the transaction.
By clicking “Authorize Payment” you are confirming that the credit card is yours.
The proof of purchase corresponding to the order will be sent to your email along with the Order Confirmation.
Credit cards will be subject to verification and authorization by the issuing entity, but if  the entity does not authorize payment, we will not be responsible for any delay or non-delivery and we will not be able to formalize any Contract with you.
You must notify us of any improper or fraudulent charge on the card used for purchases, by email or telephone, in the shortest period of time possible, so that we can carry out the appropriate steps.
Credit card fraud is a crime, and the Seller will take legal action against anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction in our Online Store.
If you use the PayPal payment method, you can easily pay for your purchases with a debit card, credit card or bank account, without sharing financial information with Arte de la moda Printtex S.L.
PayPal securely stores your financial information and protects it with market-leading security and fraud prevention systems. What's more, your financial details are never shared with the Seller.
Using your PayPal account You will not have to enter your card or bank account details to pay. You will only need your email address and a password.
If you use PayPal, you choose how to pay: debit card, credit card or bank account.

14. Liability and disclaimer

Our liability in relation to any Product purchased from our Online Store will be strictly limited to the purchase price of said Product.
Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph and to the extent permitted by law, and unless otherwise provided in these Conditions, we will not accept any liability for indirect damages that occur as a secondary effect of losses or principal damages, arising in any way, and whether caused by civil wrong (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even if they could have been foreseen.
Due to the open nature of our Online Store and the possibility of errors in the storage and transmission of digital information, we do not guarantee the accuracy and security of the information transmitted or obtained through this website.
All product descriptions, information and materials appearing in this Online Store are provided 'as is' and without warranties expressed, implied or otherwise derived.
To the extent possible as permitted by law, we exclude all warranties, leaving aside those warranties that cannot legitimately be excluded against consumers.
The provisions of this clause will not affect your rights recognized by law as a consumer, nor your right to withdraw from the Contract.

15. Notifications

The notifications that you send us should preferably be sent through our email info@decoratorshowroom.com. In accordance with the provisions of these Conditions and unless otherwise stipulated, we may send communications either to the email or to the address postcard provided by you when placing an order.

16. Transfer of rights and obligations

The Agreement between You and us is binding on both You and us, as well as our respective successors, assigns and assigns.
We may transfer, assign, charge, subcontract or otherwise transfer a Contract or any of the rights or obligations arising from it in our favor or to us, at any time during the term of the Contract. For the avoidance of doubt, such transmissions, assignments, liens or other transfers will not affect the rights that you have as a consumer recognized by law nor will they nullify, reduce or limit in any other way the guarantees, both express and tacit, that we may have granted you.

17. Events beyond our control

We will not be responsible for any failure or delay in the performance of any of the obligations we assume under a Contract, the cause of which is due to events that are beyond our reasonable control ('Force Majeure Cause').
Causes of Force Majeure will include any act, event, failure to perform, omission or accident that is beyond our reasonable control and will include in particular (without limitation) the following:
- Strikes, lockouts or other industrial action.
– Civil commotion, revolt, invasion, terrorist attack or terrorist threat, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparations for war.
– Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or any other natural disaster.
– Impossibility of using trains, ships, planes, motor transport or other means of transport, public or private.
- Inability to use public or private telecommunication systems.
- Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of other governments.
– Strike, failures or accidents in maritime or river transport, postal or any other type of transport.
It will be understood that our obligation to perform under any Contract will be suspended during the period in which the Forced Cause
Mayor continues, and we will have an extension in the term to fulfill our obligation while such period lasts. We will use all reasonable means to bring the Force Majeure Event to an end or to find a solution by which we can perform our obligations under the Contract despite the Force Majeure Event.

18. Resignation

If during the term of a Contract, we stop insisting on strict compliance with any of the obligations assumed under it or any of these Conditions, or if we stop exercising any of the rights or remedies that we were entitled to exercise or file under said Contract or these Conditions, such fact not with

will constitute a waiver of such rights or remedies nor will it exonerate you from complying with such obligations.
Any waiver by us of requiring performance will not constitute a waiver by us of requiring further performance.
No waiver by us of any of these Conditions will be effective unless it is expressly stipulated that it is a waiver and is communicated to you in writing in accordance with the provisions of the Notices section above.

19. Divisibility

If any of these Conditions or any provision of a Contract are deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable to any extent by the competent authority, they will be severed from the remaining conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to the extent permitted by law.

20. Integrity of the contract

These Conditions and any document expressly referred to in them constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the subject of the Contract and replace any other pact, agreement or previous promise agreed between you and us verbally or by written.
You and we acknowledge that we have agreed to enter into this Agreement without having relied on any representation or promise made by the other party or that could be inferred from any statement or writing in the negotiations entered into by both of us prior to said Agreement, except as expressly stated. mentioned in these Conditions.

21. Our right to modify these conditions

We have the right to review and modify these Conditions at any time.
You will be subject to the policies and Conditions in force at the time you place each order, unless by law or decision of government agencies we must make changes to said policies, Conditions or Privacy Policy, in which case, the possible changes will also affect the orders that you had previously made.

22. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

Contracts for the purchase of products through our site will be governed by Spanish law.
Any controversy that arises or is related to said contracts will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Huelva.
Nothing in this clause will affect the rights recognized as such by current legislation.

23. Comments and suggestions

Your comments and suggestions will be welcomed.
We kindly ask you to send us such comments and suggestions through our email: info@decoratorshowroom.com