Fabric qualities sample book

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We deliver you the sample book with delivery costs included in USA.
The quality samples are 8″ x 12″.

With these qualities you can have any design / image or solid color printed  to your specifications.

Each quality has a printed design useful for reference with the same digital design on file we supply together with the sample book as a zip file, same facility is available for the Color Reference Chart.

We accept orders but will be placed on the waiting list for next  production batch.

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The sample book is kept label free for you to add your brand if wanted.

Each sample is also neutrale so not influenced in handling by fabric descriptions. Fabric descriptions we include with the book, please se the link FABRICS  24 qualities: silk – cotton – linen – viscose – blends in lightweight voiles – medium weight – heavy weight satin – plain – twill weaves from 54″ to 110″ width, drapery and upholstery qualities. The zip file we will mail you contain the files used for printing the sample images for this book.

All prints for sample book click to see higher resolution 

All prints for sample book

All prints for sample book

Lead time for production

As soon as we receive your order, we begin preparing the fabric for the designs you have specified. For this process we need a time of between 4-5 weeks.