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Please order our sample book and register for your 25% designer trade discount B2B

  1. In addition receive:

  2. 50 yards plus orders in a quality 10% price reduction, can be a mix of designs

    130 yards plus orders in a quality 20% price reduction, can be a mix of designs

As the world of interior design evolves, embracing digital technology and sustainable practices has never been more crucial. At Arte de la moda Printtex S.L. we understand the dynamic needs of modern interior decoration, especially the shift towards digital presentation and the demand for high-quality, customizable fabric options. This is why we are excited to extend an exclusive invitation to you to join our innovative trade platform,, designed with your creative needs in mind.

Exclusive Trade Benefits:

  • Digital Fabric Solutions: Access to over 200 million designs and AI-generated patterns, ensuring you find the perfect match for your projects without limitations. Our platform supports the seamless integration of 2D fabric images into your 3D presentations, enhancing your design process and client proposals.

  • Customization and Quality: Customize large scenic designs or select from a vast databases, all digitally reactive printed on a fabric of your choice. Any solid color or design can be specified. From lightweight voile to luxurious satin and robust upholstery qualities, our selection includes cotton, linen, silk, viscose, ecovero, and tencel fabrics.

  • Sustainability and Certification: All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, and we pride ourselves on using ecological, sustainable digital reactive printing methods in the EU.

  • Support and Efficiency: Our online image creation and selection are supported by a video service desk, ensuring you have the assistance you need. With short delivery times of 4-6 weeks to the USA and a minimum order of just 10 yards each design in a selected quality of minimum total 54 yards, we offer flexibility and efficiency.

  • Exclusive Offer: Register now and order our fabric quality sample set, which not only showcases our high standards but also qualifies you for a permanent 25% trade discount on our very attractive prices, including custom cleared courier delivery to the USA.

Join Us in Redefining Interior Design:

We invite you to be part of a community that values innovation, quality, and sustainability. Registering is easy:

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  2. Please order the fabric sample book and complete the registration form to access our exclusive 25% trade discount benefits.

  3. In addition

  4. 50 yards plus orders 10% price reduction, can be a mix of designs

    130 yards plus orders 20% price reduction, can be a mix of designs

  5. Order your fabric quality sample set and start exploring the endless possibilities.

At Arte de la moda Printtex S.L. we believe in supporting your creative vision with our custom fabric solutions, helping you to deliver exceptional interior design projects that stand out for their quality and uniqueness.

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Thank you for considering Arte de la moda Printtex S.L. as your partner in excellence. We look forward to empowering your designs with our unparalleled fabric solutions.

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